Airsick is the first single of the Fatties' 2013 Album Bolero. Everyone in the band was (and is) obsession with Carl Sagan, Planets, The Cosmic Void, and 80's Public Television. This is an homage to all of those things.    

Editing and Animation by Matthew DwyerStarring The Fatty Acids and Carol BrandtSpecial Thanks to Wes Tank and Jason Nanna. Camera by Gino Gaglianello,  Makeup by Lydia Jarvis
Thanks to
Jon Syverson for the kick-ass vintage TV. 


Little sister, I'd such little wisdom | to share before you ran away
Even moments you were sour contend with | My sweetest memories retained

 Not born in supernovas to behave like this | Maybe she knew and that's why she is where she is | Every city in the world's a candidate
Dream in the clouds, searching for you
Wake up alone and airsick  

Little sister, never mind a victor | And never mind a Golden Age
Where are we? | The only certain answer:
Between umbilical and grave